Shipping Evy Sunscreen Mousse Internationally - including The United States of America (USA), Canada and Australia

Posted by James Jackson on 8th May 2021

We have created this post to help you understand our policy when shipping Evy Internationally. If you have already made a purchase and would like to know the shipping process please Click Here

Can ifsogo ship Evy Sunscreen Mousse to the United States (USA), Canada and Australia?

Yes. We are currently able to ship Evy Sunscreen Mousse to the following counties listed below.

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore

We have a specialist packer who is qualified to pack and produce the require paperwork to ship orders that contain aerosols.

Why do I have to buy 6+ Cans?

Because Evy Sunscreen Mousse is contained in aerosols, it comes under hazmat shipping rules. Hazmat orders require special packing and documentation and are subject to a hefty surcharge by Fedex (Currently £50 per shipment on top of the delivery charge). Rather than charge a high shipping rate, we have made the decision to subsidise the surcharge by asking that customers purchase more cans to offset the surcharge. Six cans is the minimum quantity that covers the packing, documentation and surcharge. If your order is under our minimum purchase requirement it will be cancelled and your money refunded.

Please note: We are having an increasing number of customers purchase under the minimum quantity. This costs both you and us. It takes us time to cancel and refund orders, we are also charged a refund fee which we cannot claim back. You may loose money on the refund due to exchange rate fluctuations! This is out of our control. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ORDER AT LEAST 6 CANS!

Will I have to pay import duties or taxes?

This is dependent on the importation rules for your delivery location. UK VAT (Tax) is removed from your order once you checkout and select your delivery address outside the UK. (You do not pay any tax at the time of ordering). However, you may be subject to local duties, taxes or fees. We are unable to advise how much they might cost. 

There can also be other charges, such as FDA (USA Food and Drug administration) inspections, who charge a fee if your order is pulled for inspection. Inspections are rare and random, so we are unable to advise if your order may be subject to such.

Can I return my order?

You are welcome to return un-used cans. However, please note that it will be subject to hazmat rules, which means you will need to find a suitable packer to re-pack the cans and ship them to us. We do not cover any of the return shipping charges. It is illegal to ship aerosols without declaring them as hazmat. 

As an alternative, it may be better to sell un-used cans on eBay. 

Can I use a discount code?

Unfortunately, as we need to cover the hazmat surcharge, packing and documentation costs of shipping Evy Sunscreen internationally we do not currently offer discounts. 

I have been referred to you by Evy Sweden (Celsus Sweden A.B), why?

If you emailed Evy Sweden directly they may have directed you to us. This is because we have the specialist skills to pack and ship hazmat products. (Evy Sunscreen is considered hazmat as it is in aerosol containers). As ifsogo has this rare capability, they forward you to us.

NOTE: REFUNDS - Please be advised that any refunds issued for international orders may not be the same amount you paid for the order. This is due to fluctuations in exchange rates, which are out of our control. 

Can I buy other products as well as OR instead of Evy?

All International shipments to the countries listed above must have the minimum 6+ cans of Evy Sunscreen Mousse to ensure that all costs are covered. If you would like to buy other items as well as the 6+ cans please do so and we will pack them in the same box as your Evy order. 

Other information

  • Fedex will not leave your package safe or at a collection point due to hazmat rules. You must be available to sign for the delivery at your chosen delivery address OR be able to collect it from a main Fedex collection point (which may be out of your area) - This is out of our control and due to Hazmat rules.
  • Fedex will try to deliver twice and leave a calling card. If you order is returned to us we will refund the order and ask you to place a new order, which will incur a further delivery charge.
  • All being well, your order should be with you within a maximum of 21 days of your order being placed. (However please see our Evy shipping page for details about possible delays such as Customs/FDA, COVID related delays etc.) Evy Shipping Information
  • Occasionally Fedex may not have a suitable hazmat service to your delivery destination (such as remote parts of Canada and Australia). We only find this out when it comes to booking the shipment, which may be 2 weeks after ordering. We will email you to ask for an alternate delivery address. If you do not have a suitable alternate address we will either refund you via the payment method used (which may result in a refund less than you paid, due to exchange rate fluctuations) or in full via bank transfer (including any exchange rate fluctuations) if you can provide your bank details.

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