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Tanning & Self-Tanning

Our new dedicated category for self-tanning, tan activation and tan extension. Our carefully selected range has some really amazing products to help you get and maintain that sun-kissed look. From our Evy Tan Activator that provides a gradual natural tan with added benefits; Ultrasun's tinted activator range, for a more instant tanned look and our low SPF range, for those who are already tanned.  

Evy Sunscreen Mousse

Evy Proderm Winter Sun Pack

£72.00 £49.00

Evy Technology - Proderm Winter Sun Pack. 1x Evy Daily Tan Activator (150ml) + 1x Evy UV Daily Face Mousse (75ml) + 1x Evy SPF30 (150ml) Evy Technology Daily Tan Activator stimulates and prolongs your tan, whilst also offering 24-hour hydration for the...

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