Posted by Lisa Jackson on 1st May 2018

The summer sun is heating up and we all love getting out and enjoying it - but more than ever we need to make sure that we take steps to protect our skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

So we’ve put together ten useful tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible.

  1. Pick the right sunscreen! Use a sunscreen with an SPF suited to your skin type, the higher the SPF the better especially if you have fair skin. Waterproof sun protection is great too if you are swimming or doing a lot of activity. You should reapply your sun protection around every two hours. Even ‘Once A Day’ products should be reapplied from time to time as often areas are missed or it can be rubbed away by clothes or washed off by water.
  2. Plan ahead! Before you head outside, apply your sun protection 30 minutes in advance. It takes a little time for the skin to absorb it and for the formula to take effect. Some sun protections like EVY Sun Mousse offer more instant protection if you need it.
  3. Sunscreen application needs to be generous and thorough. The British Association of Dermatologists suggests as a minimum the average adult should use 6 teaspoons of sun cream to cover the whole body. Different brands will vary slightly, but it is always best to ‘err on the side of caution’ and use too much as opposed to too little. Don’t forget the back and sides of the neck, up into the hairline, around the temples and the ears too - these are often parts that people miss out.
  4. Use clothing to protect you as well. Hats, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts and trousers will offer some extra-protection. You can also buy very effective specific UV protective clothing, it’s available in all sorts of styles and a great idea for kids on the beach when they are running in and out of the sea.
  5. The sun is at its strongest from 11am to 3pm! Make sure you are well protected through these hours. Lunchtime (1pm) is a peak time - maybe think about heading for some shade while you have your lunch.
  6. UVA rays cause aging and premature wrinkles! So make sure your sun protection covers UVA too - which all ifsogo brands do! The SPF (sun protection factor) on the bottle only relates to the products ability to protect you from UVB which causes burning but does not indicate protection from UVA! When you buy sun protection look for UVA protection too. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Broad Spectrum’ or is indicated by a star rating logo, 5 stars is best.
  7. Children’s skin is extremely delicate! Be sure to get them properly protected with a good quality high factor sun protection. Sun suits, hats and sun glasses are also essential to keep them safe in the sun.
  8. Babies and young children should always be kept out of direct sunlight. This is a recommendation of the NHS and The British Association of Dermatologists. There really is no point in risking the damaging effects of the sun on them.
  9. Be aware of your skin! Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer – so check yourself out on a regular basis. If you have moles that change shape or size, are rough around the edges, vary in colour or appear to be increasing in size, get them checked out by and expert. Speak to your GP straight away it’s not worth ignoring.
  10. Sun protection has a use by date! Once opened, if not stored properly sun protection breaks down and does not provide the same level of protection, if any at all. Sunscreen bottles should give an indication of how long they can be used for once opened - we always give use by date information on our products. If in doubt, buy a new bottle of sun protection – you really can’t put a price on your skin!

Follow these tips and do what you can to avoid putting your at health risk. Try and make it a routine before you head out to think about yours and your families sun protection. Maybe share these tips with your friends too – they might not be aware of the risks..

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