SolRX (Sports Sunscreens)

SolRX is a sports sunscreen created to ensure the highest level and quality of protection with the least impact on you, your performance or your environment.

SolRX created their trade marked and closely guarded secret, WATERBLOCK Technology, which ensures that it will last for extended periods of time, in and out of the water without being washed off your skin. This same technology ensures that the sunscreen adheres to the skin and does not sweat out - that means no stinging in the eyes and no loss of performance. SolRX is also a non-greasy sunscreen so you won’t suffer from poor grip or slippery skin. The ultimate proof of this is the number of athletes across the world such as cyclists, ultra-marathon runners and windsurfers who use SolRX to protect their skin whilst competing at the top level of their sport.

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