Travelling by Air With A Newborn

Posted by Lisa Jackson on 1st Aug 2018

Travelling with a newborn or young baby can be a testing experience, even for the seasoned traveller. Believe us we have done it more than a few times. Here are our top tips for travelling with a new addition!

  1. Don’t be tempted to deprive them of sleep in the hope they will nap for the entire flight – the results can be messy! Keeping to their normal routine is likely to be your best bet.
  2. Remember most airlines allow you to take a pushchair AND a car seat for free (to be placed in the hold). This saves money on car seat hire costs if renting a car at your destination.
  3. For young babies, feed them from a bottle upon take off and landing– the swallowing can help prevent ear pain issues. Remember airport security may ask you to sample the milk. Try and get the bottle heated prior to boarding – it will still be warm by the time you need to use it.
  4. Take sachets of liquid infant paracetamol on board in your clear plastic liquids bag, incase they become poorly in flight.
  5. As well as their favourite small toys, bring a couple of brand new ones on board as a surprise – bound to keep their attention!
  6. Airlines allow parents with young children to board first. This has pros and cons: the pro is that you have time to settle your child well before take off, the con being that they are on the plane in a confined space for even longer than is necessary! Consider your child's nature before rushing to that gate.
  7. Consider investing in a front baby carrier (Such as a Baby Bjorn), they are beyond useful for keeping your hands free once on board, meaning no-one is left ‘holding the baby’. They also offer a safe place for your little one between dis-embarking and collecting your pushchair.
  8. You may be tempted to dress baby in a snazzy outfit for their trip, but in reality you want them to be as comfy as possible – so baby grows or other soft clothes that are easily removed for nappy changing in confined spaces are a must. Spare clothes should also be on the list, and take a few more nappies than you think you’ll need – better safe than sorry!

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