Safety in the Sun - Protection from UVA & UVB

Posted by Lisa Jackson on 27th Jun 2018

There was a time many years ago when some people thought the best way to get a tan was to ‘fry’ yourself red on the first day of your holiday, and continue that for the next 13 days! It is only in more recent times we have begun to take more notice of the damaging effect sun can have on your skin. And lets not forget; there are two types of damage which occur, and these come from UVA and UVB rays.

So what does UVA and UVB mean? These 2 terms relate to the waves emitted by the sun. It was once thought that UVB rays were the only culprit when it came to skin cancer, but more recent studies have shown that this is not the case.

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, meaning the damage is done at the base level – the kind which we can’t see in the mirror. This is the kind of damage which causes premature ageing and increases the onset of wrinkles. It has also recently been discovered that UVA rays are also responsible for the onset of skin cancers, meaning protection from them is much more important than first thought.

The UVB rays cause the damage we can see, in the form of the burning and reddening of the skin due to excessive sun exposure. In a vice versa effect to UVA rays, UVB rays play the key role in the potential development of skin cancer and a smaller, but still very real role in skin ageing.

Therefore, the key is to use a sun protection which offers both good UVA & UVB protection.

But fear not – it doesn’t mean you have to cake yourself in a Factor 100 thick, white lotion to protect yourself, resulting in you coming back from your holidays looking paler than when you left.

This is where Ultrasun Sun Protection comes in!

Ultrasun is a true once a day sun protection. You apply it onto clean skin in the morning 15-30 mins before sun exposure, and then you are protected for the whole day.

Lets be sensible here……Ultrasun isn’t a licence to lie out in 30+ degree sun from 7am – 7pm. As Ultrasun themselves put it, everyone has their own individual ‘sun account’ which indicates the time that they should be exposed to sun depending on your skin type.

Thankfully this is all explained in very simple terms on all bottles of Ultrasun.

Ultrasun is towel, sweat and waterproof. Non-greasy and easily absorbed, you’d never know you were wearing it. Most importantly for you tan-seekers, Ultrasun sun protection acts as a filter, not a block, allowing a gradual tan to develop over a sensible period of time. The result? A longer-lasting deeper golden tan from our experience!

Ultrasun is available from SPF 20 – SPF 50, and is available in variety of lotions, gels, face protection and family formulas.

How else can you get a great tan? Ensure you are well hydrated with fluids before, during and after your holiday, and give you skin a scrub once every few days with an exfoliating body wish or exfoliating mitt. Doing this, and then using Ultrasun on your holiday could mean you get that tan you’ve always dreamed of whilst staying protected from the harmful UVA & UVB that causes damage and premature ageing!

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