Prickly Heat - 9 Effective Ways to Help Prevent & Treat Prickly Heat Rash

Posted by James on 5th Mar 2019

Prickly Heat or heat rash is a frustrating condition that can have a really negative effect on your holiday, summer and beach time. I know, I suffer too. The itchy, red spots are irritating and impose on your deserved sun day! 

Prickly heat is usually caused when the skin's pores become blocked, which when you sweat excessively means it gets trapped, triggering the itchy spots and irritation.

If you suffer from Prickly Heat then there are several things you can do to help prevent heat rash, and treatments that work to help alleviate the symptoms;

To Help Prevent Prickly Heat

1/ Take regular cool showers. This cools the skin and helps unblock pores. Don’t use scented shower gels or soaps as these can make it worse. Instead use a vegetable or unscented soap. Or for, better results try Rona Ross foaming prickly heat gel wash, which is dermatologically formulated to cleanse and cool with its anti-itching and soothing ingredients.

2/ Try and keep cool. Wear loose natural fibre clothing, such as cotton or even better linen, which allows your skin to breathe. Sleep with lightweight bedding in a cool room. Pat yourself down with a cool damp towel.

3/ Keep hydrated - make sure you drink plenty of water.

4/ Ask your pharmacist about anti-histamine tablets for prickly heat.

5/ Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen (one that does not block pores), such as EVY Technology Sunscreen Mousse. EVY’s sunscreen (formerly Proderm) is a clinically proven 5* sun protection mousse for the whole family, which offers highly effective protection from the harmful effects of the sun, whilst helping to prevent skin allergies such as prickly heat.

Treatment of Prickly Heat

6/ Again, take a cool shower and use a non-scented soap or Rona Ross foaming prickly heat gel wash.

7/ Cool down - find shade or go to a room with air conditioning. Pat your skin with a cool damp towel.

8/ Apply Rona Ross Prickly Heat Lotion containing calamine. It has the quadruple effect of calming and moisturising the skin whilst also offering anti-itching and antiseptic properties. It has the added bonus of being an aftersun which cools and moisturising after a day in the sun as well - so no need to reach for the scented aftersun, which might make it worse.

9/ In severe cases of heat rash see you pharmacist for hydrocortisone cream.

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